Welcome at the completely new website of Van Leeuwen Leathers, Wildeman Benelux and Wildeman Waalwijk. In the top menu you will find our products sorted by branche, brand and product type. We offer a wide range of leathers, artificial leathers, technical textiles and accessories for different applications like cars, furniture, bags, belts, shoes, tents, etc. 


During the holidays we are closed on:
Friday 19th December 2014 from 12:15
Wednessday 24th December from 12:15 to Friday 26th December 2014
Wednessday 31th December from 12:15 to Thursday 1th januari 2015


We proudly inform you that Van Leeuwen Leathers has acquired the leather collection of The Royal Dutch Tanneriy Hulshof. Of the top 5 high end tanneries worldwide, with this acquisition we now represent 3; Wollsdorf Leder AG,Heller Leder GmbH en Hulshof Royal Dutch Tanneries

Please click the above menu item HULSHOF for more information.


In preparation to the coming summer we have summarized our outdoor materials into a clear leaflet with all suitable articles and colors. Please do not hesitate to request a free outdoor leaflet here.


Worldwide there are 2 tanneries which produce standardly comform to the environmental standards BLAUE ENGEL, REACH and ISO14001. Both tanneries are exclusively represented by Van Leeuwen Leathers. With these standards a vast part of our leather collection is produced demonstrably environmental friendly.