After ending his carreer in border control during World War I, Jan Wildeman founded company J.Wildeman & Co on the 1th of November 1918 in Waalwijk. In those early days there were no modern ways of transport. Customers were visited by motorcycle. With the growth of the company an adequate building was needed. In the year 1925 Wildeman moved to a former shoe factory in de Stationsstraat in Waalwijk. In 1937 the son Jacob Wildeman entered the company. Especially after the war the company saw an exponential growth, mainly because of the rise of synthetic fabrics. Eventually Wildeman grew into a new and bigger building at the industrial park Zanddonk in Waalwijk, where it was housed until 2003.

H. (Hartog) L. (Levie) van Leeuwen, calling name Harrij, founded a leather import company in Waalwijk 'de Langstraat' in the year 1928. In these days de Langstraat was the centre of the Dutch shoe industry. Besides shoe manufacturers de Langstraat also was full of leather tanneries. The company housed at de Grotestraat 240a; the mainstreet in Waalwijk. In 1938 the company was converted into a Limited company. Van Leeuwen Leathers was a jewish company and was controled by the Lippman Rosenthal Bank during World War II.
Harrij van Leeuwen himself was deported during the war and died. In September 1945 mr. Richard Braun, the brother in law of Harrij van Leeuwen, was appointed as manager and later owner of Van Leeuwen Leather. Under his leadership the company grew further. In 1981 his son Herbert Braun succeeded Richard as company owner. 
From September 1th 1999 the company Van Leeuwen Leder was purchased by mr. Jan Denissen. In 2003 the company Wildeman was acquired from bankruptcy , after which came a close cooperation between the sister companies . In mid- 2005 the third company Wildeman Benelux BV was founded . In 2009, the three sister companies moved to a joint building in the new industrial zone VII Waalwijk . Jan Denissen
By focusing on service and long term relationships, and by working with quality products and reliable suppliers , it has become possible to stay active in the market as a family company for almost 100 years.